What’s better than one groom? Two, of course! We find out what to wear if you’re husbands-to-be...

Ready to exchange vows with the man of your dreams? Then you’ll want to look the part. You might wonder what exactly you should be wearing, since one of you probably won’t be sporting that trad white dress (although if that’s your bag, we support you making it a reality in full Priscilla, Queen of the Desert style).

Do you want to match your husband-to-be? Would you rather have your own look? Should you go for something unconventional? Well, according to groomswear expert Martin Rennie at Remus Uomo, this is the time to dress to impress in whatever makes you both feel your best.

Two men in Highlandwear, both wearing green tones but one wearing trousers and one a kilt

Same but different – these McCalls outfits are an example of how both gents can match but still show personality in what they wear (Photo: Sam Brill)

“Right away, a same-sex marriage veers from the ‘traditional’,” begins Martin. “There is no real formula to how you should dress for the day, so my top piece of advice would be to wear something that is comfortable, that you feel yourself in, and that is a true representation of who you are.”

Uncertain how to make trad outfits a reflection of your personality? “Push the boundaries,” recommends Martin. “Conventionally, groomswear looks are harder to change, but there are so many fashion-forward options available now that you can really put your own stamp on your outfit.

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"Try things on and have fun with it – the most important thing is that you feel confident.”

While the foundations of your outfit might be the same, accessories can change the look entirely: “You might both wear the same shirt and suit, but you could have them in different colours. One of you might wear a waistcoat or a bow tie, or perhaps someone fancies a pocket watch or a pocket square.

"You could also go for the same tartan but one of you in a kilt and the other in trews. Really, what I’m saying is it’s your day, so do it your way.”

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