What do you wear when you're husbands-to-be? We hear from two couples about their w-day outfit experiences

Martin Rennie and Jamie Sroka

This pair made it official on 15th August 2020 at The Gathering near Glasgow. Martin, who works for menswear brand Remus Uomo, talks us through the couple’s outfits from MacGregor and MacDuff... 

Two grooms wearing Highlandwear sitting on wooden bench with wooden sign saying 'The Gathering'

The pair shopped together to make a day of the experience of finding their wedding outfits (Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan)

“I work with suits every day, so we both decided to opt for kilts. We wanted a similar look, so shopped at the same place – MacGregor and MacDuff,” Martin tells us. “We went together and made a proper day of it with our friend from Newcastle. We did have an idea of what we wanted, but found it helpful to keep an open mind and have fun with it.”

Having industry knowledge proved useful in the process too, adds Martin: “I picked the tartan while working at the Scottish Wedding Show one weekend and Jamie bought me beautiful brogues from Grenson to finish off the outfit. In return, I bought him Dr Marten brogues. We also both carried my late father’s pocket watches on the day as well.”


Two grooms wearing Highlandwear holding hands and smiling at each other

The happy couple were able to inject their own personalities into their MacGregor and MacDuff looks with accessories and through colour (Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan)

Putting their own stamp on the outfits was important to the grooms, who each had a say in what they fancied wearing.

”With it being a ‘less traditional’ set-up, there was definitely more input from both sides. We were able to ensure our outfits showed off our personalities and felt like ‘us’,” smiles Martin.

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Ryan McMonagle and Jonny McIntosh

These newlyweds tied the knot on 10th June 2023 at The Engine Works in Glasgow, also wearing MacGregor and MacDuff outfits. Ryan’s was in a specially designed new tartan for the McMonagle clan, as he tells us here...

Two grooms with arms around each other wearing different coloured tartan kilts holding up the peace sign

The grooms looked dapper in their outfits from MacGregor and MacDuff, with Ryan’s specially designed family tartan (left) complementing Jonny’s green and blue plaid (Photo: Claire Fleck Photography)

“We both knew that we wanted to wear kilts,” says Jonny. “I had considered going for the McIntosh tartan, but after seeing it, I knew I wanted something with blues and greens that would work well for a summer wedding.

“Although we were both wearing kilts, we wanted them to be different, to reflect who we are. As much as we share the same interests, we wanted our outfits to have their own moments to shine!”

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Ryan was initially considering choosing a Campbell tartan to reflect his mum’s maiden name, but instead worked with the Highlandwear experts to design his own new McMonagle tartan, incorporating colours representing many of his family members.

“I started shopping first because the process of getting a tartan created and registered before the kilt is made takes a good while,” he recalls. “My dad, sister Caragh and I designed the tartan to preserve our family heritage and keep us connected.”

Two grooms holding hands and also holding sparklers wearing Highlandwear smiling whilst walking through a crowd of guests

Despite not seeing each other's outfits until the big day, the team at MacGregor and MacDuff helped guide them in choosing pieces that would tie in with one another 

Each element of the tartan, which took about a year from conception to completion, had a special meaning to the family. “It was another way to include my mum and grandparents in the celebrations,” adds Ryan.

“The chosen colours have special meaning and are intended to represent the members of the family, including the ground colours which symbolise each set of grandparents (Campbells and McMonagles) and the merging of their families. The four main colours are pink for Caragh, purple for my mum, green for my dad and blue for me.”

Neither groom knew what the other would be wearing until the big day, but they were kept right in the process by the team at MacGregor and MacDuff.

“I didn’t see Ryan’s tartan until our first look on the wedding day,” smiles Jonny. “I worked with MacGregor and MacDuff to hire a kilt that complemented Ryan’s while they kept the final McMonagle tartan a secret until the big day!”

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