What are grooms wearing in 2024? We spoke to MacGregor and MacDuff to find out what you can expect when you enter through their doors: with everything from terrific tartans to refreshers on how to wear Highlandwear available!

Row of tartan kilts

What will you choose? Tristan says that this year, grooms are opting for traditional tartans, with a lot of greys and greens proving popular

Hi Tristan, what’s the background story of MacGregor and MacDuff?

We are an award-winning Highlandwear specialist established 
45 years ago in Glasgow, with a wide selection of outfits available for both hiring and buying. We love being there for those important moments in life that merit a special outfit, whether it’s an 18th or 21st birthday, a graduation or, of course, a wedding!

Speaking of weddings, when should a groom start shopping?

The absolute minimum would be around 12 weeks before your wedding day for booking and measuring, as this allows us to make sure we have the tartan and the sizes you need. We do offer last-minute hires too, but we always feel it’s a better experience for everyone if you have a bit of a lead-up – it just keeps everyone organised and happy.

Man with shirt and tie standing next to mannequin, man in highlandwear holding drink standing in front of cage of whisky

Left: You're guaranteed a personalised shopping experience, Tristan says Right: A stylish alternative to a kilt, tartan trews or trousers still give you a suitably Scottish look for your day

Do customers need to book an appointment?

We do suggest making an appointment, as it’s really nice to make a day of it. We offer a private fitting and can do drinks and make it just a more special experience for the groom and his party. We do virtual fittings for international customers too.

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What if we’re a bit nervous about wearing Highlandwear for the first time?

That’s what we are here for! At your appointment we will talk you through everything you need to know, from how to wear a kilt properly to how to tie your shoes. A lot of guys have never worn a kilt before, so it’s only natural that you might find the whole thing a bit daunting. If you happen to forget a step or need a refresher, don’t worry – we have lots of information on our website too.

Shop floor with a selection of Highlandwear, mirrors and mannequins

Staff will be on hand at MacGregor and MacDuff’s stores to help you look and feel your best

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