Is your mum nervous at the thought of shopping for her wedding outfit? She needn’t be with the right approach to hitting the occasion wear boutiques

There’s nothing more thrilling than the news that your son or daughter is getting married. It’s a wonderful time in their life – and in yours. When all the excitement and engagement celebrations are over, it’s time to plan the main event. So what are you going to wear if you’re a fuller-figured mamma?

There are many boutiques in Scotland filled with fabulous size-inclusive collections. Whether you prefer glamorous dresses, flawless three-piece looks or chic trouser suits with elegant accessories, there’s an outfit out there that will suit not just your figure but your personality too.

What colours suit curvier or plus-size mothers of the bride and groom?

Certain that only dark colours will flatter your shape? Convinced you have to drape yourself in acres of fabric to disguise the bits you’d rather not have on show? It doesn’t have to be like that. Your vital statistics should not prevent you from dressing in a stylish ensemble that will make you feel fantastic, as Christina Sigerson at Glasgow occasionwear boutique Mia Bella explains: “I pride myself in stocking realistic sizes for my customers.”

She has plenty of experience in helping women who might not be completely confident about their shape: “I love consultations with customers who are a size 22 and upwards,” she says. “Many of them will have spent years covering up – only to find that it’s not that scary to actually define their body with a dress that shows their curves.”

What shapes and styles might flatter curvier mothers?

If you can get over that initial fear, you’ll find there is so much choice out there – and lots of boutiques practised at helping you pick the right outfit.  “Fuller-figured mothers of the bride have a greater range of options than ever before,” says Tina Wilson at Frox of Falkirk. “We have chic tailored looks, traditionally styled structured outfits and loose and floaty dresses.”

You might start out with a firm notion of what you like and what you’d never wear in a million years. But it’s worth listening to the boutique assistants, even when what they suggest is firmly in your danger zone.

 “Shopping for an outfit like this takes most women completely out of their comfort zone,” says Tina. “It’s no wonder they might not know which styles suit their shape.”

A helpful boutique consultant will quickly be able to put you at ease and help you through the process.

Can a mother of the bride or groom wear trousers to a wedding?

So if you thought an ultra-smart dress was regulation wear at weddings, rest assured that this is certainly no longer the case. Take the emergence of totally fabulous trouser suits in boutiques. These can create a chic, sophisticated look, and are easily dressed up or down to match the look you want to achieve. “A trouser suit can be dressed up for a wedding by adding a statement hat or hatinator,” recommends Christina. “You could also include a bold contrasting colour in your shoes or bag and even take this colour to your headwear too.”

Comfortable outfits for mother of the bride and groom

Another important factor in your decision is comfort. The most beautiful dress in the world, in your absolute favourite colour, is no good at all if you can’t relax in it. “I always tell my customers that once you find the outfit you feel comfortable in, your natural body language shows,” says Christina. “This in turn makes your posture look good, which makes all the difference in the photos.”

Can you imagine being unsure about how you look while a photographer snaps away? No thank you! The right outfit is the one that makes you feel confident, not the one that has you self-consciously folding your arms to cover up your insecurities.

So, take your time, keep an open mind and try on lots of different looks. Use the expertise of the boutique assistants to guide you in your quest. And remember: size doesn’t matter when it comes to style.

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