These brides chose a modern, luxurious castle styled with copper, blush and foliage

Chloé McNee & Kim Christison

29th July 2018

Venue | Carlowrie Castle, West Lothian
Photography | Solen Photography


“For Kim’s 30th birthday I surprised her with a holiday to Thailand. After some beers and massages, I told her she had one more present, and gave her a ‘message in a bottle’, listing 28 reasons why I love her.

The final one stated, ‘Our beautiful life, will you be my wife?’, and when she looked up I was on one knee with the ring in my hand. Kim later proposed to me too, on my birthday when on vacation in Bali.

The first decision we made was our venue. Kim and I were attracted to Carlowrie Castle for its exclusivity and grandeur; we wanted it to be like we were welcoming guests into our own home, but in a truly luxurious way. The place’s decor – with its modern grey and neutral palettes, high-end furnishings and bold artwork – appealed to our personal tastes.

The lead-up to the wedding was an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come, both individually and as a couple. Kim and I decided to pen our own vows together and inadvertently ended up writing the majority of the ceremony, which was conducted by Susan Douglas-Scott.

We wanted someone we felt could understand us as a pair, and she helped us to prepare for the enormity of the day as well as keeping us in touch with its purpose amidst the pressures of planning.

When it comes to anything aesthetic we are hard to please! Blush tea roses and eucalyptus featured heavily, and we used copper terrariums in geometric shapes. We also had a copper arch decorated by our florist, which was used as a focal point to frame us as a couple.

Our wedding video, made by Strawberry Wedding Films, was an early wedding present to each other. It was about capturing memories that a photograph cannot: hearing our vows and the voices of loved ones, watching the laughter and the tears.

The love in the room on the day was overwhelming. Since then, we have been contacted by so many people, guests and otherwise, from all walks of life, to say what an inspiration we are. We have said that, if neither of us do anything great again, we can be happy in the knowledge that we made something wonderful happen.”

Top tip: “Candles are a really simple yet effective way to add drama to your decor. We used hundreds of open church candles sitting on rose petals to light the wedding at day and at night.”

Chloé’s dress Jesús Peiró at Eleganza Sposa
Kim’s dress Self-Portrait
Bridesmaids’ dresses 
Flowers and decor
Save the Date Collective
Susan Douglas-Scott at Celebrate People
Fay’s Cakes
Evening catering
The Big Blu 
We Are Seven Three
Alex Graham and Marshali Scott
Filmmaker Strawberry Wedding Films
Hair Perfectly Paris Hair and Claire Caldwell at Utopia Hair
Makeup Lorna Thomas and Sophie Crompton