Bespoke wedding rings part 4: real couples share how they did it

What better way to get exactly what you want for your wedding rings than by going bespoke? In the final instalment of our four part series, Patricia-Ann Young hears from a couple who couldn’t find what they wanted, so went bespoke to get it

Sean Merrick and Kirsty Halliday wed at St Mary’s Church and the Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling, enlisting Margaret A. King to work on their rings

a bride and groom pose under an archway
Photo: Corona Photographic

“I decided to go bespoke as I wanted Kirsty to have something completely unique,” explains Sean. “I felt that the engagement ring is one of the most special pieces of jewellery you can have, so it was important to me to take the time to ensure it was the perfect design and style for Kirsty.

“I found Margaret A. King through the advice of a good friend who’d had an exceptionally positive experience doing business with the company in the past. I checked out their social media and really liked what I saw. Their designs were both strong and elegant, and this is what I was looking for from the engagement ring I hoped to buy for Kirsty.

“The brief I gave the jewellers was: ‘pink stone with diamonds on either side’. They showed me six or seven pink sapphires and spinels, so I was able to select the perfect stone. We then discussed various bespoke designs that the team had sketched for me, before the final production of the engagement ring began.

a closeup of the hands of the bride and groom
Photo: Corona Photographic

“Seeing the finished ring for the first time was surreal. Despite all the time spent planning the design and working out the details of it, I was still utterly amazed at how beautiful the final product looked. It surpassed all my expectations. In fact, despite planning a trip to Venice to propose, I decided to propose the very day I received the ring – still in Scotland! – as I knew how delighted Kirsty would be. This was one of the most magical nights of our life. And the rest is history!

the bride and groom walk back down the aisle; a closeup of the wedding bouquet, with the wedding ring nestled amongst the white roses
Photos: Corona Photographic

“We were so happy with it that we went back to the jewellers for our wedding bands. It is special for us both to have rings that are unique; every time we look at them, we feel all the love that went in to making them. They feel timeless and it is nice to know we’ll always have them to gaze at and remember such happy times.”