Whatever photography vibe you’re going for, this list of amazing wedding photographers are some of the best Scotland has to offer

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Pocket Square Photography 

Covering weddings across Scotland for over 12 years, Pocket Square Photography was created in 2017 by Neil Jarvie, a Glasgow-based photographer with punk rock roots!

From all the pre-ceremony butterflies right up until the veils and ties come off on the dance floor, Neil keeps things relaxed and easy, letting you focus on enjoying your day.

You’ll want to spend as much time as possible with your guests and less time leaving the party to take photos for hours. Your big day happens only once, so be a part of it and savour every moment. Pocket Square Photography can help you do just that.

Located in Glasgow, but travels across Scotland

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For Love + Thistle 

Holly Blackwell, the photographer behind Love + Thistle, just loves love.

“I know it’s very cliché, but it’s the truth! Whether I’m getting to know couples over coffee, hitting the road for an adventure, or telling your beautiful love story through photos, I am here to document those special moments.”

Love + Thistle’s photography style is laid-back, with a no-pressure approach.

Not a fan of stuffy and awkwardly posed photos, instead the aim is to capture beautiful, natural imagery which encapsulates your love in its truest, most organic form.

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Murray McMillan 

Based in sunny Gourock, Murray McMillan is a wedding, event and family photographer. Having been handed a camera by his parents when he was a little boy on holiday, something stuck and Murray has been taking photos pretty much ever since.

Murray’s belief is that your wedding isn’t just about you, it’s the whole shebang. You and your people. His photography is full of moments, stories, emotions, and memories of your day.

“I’ll become a friend with a camera, blending in and, when the dust settles, give you a ton of memories, some moments you will recall and some you’ll have no idea happened,” he says.

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Andy Hamilton Photography 

Dive into a wedding photography experience like no other with Andy Hamilton Photography.

Since 2018, this creative genius crafts captivating memories that redefine tradition. With a laid-back approach, Andy transforms your wedding day into an authentic celebration, not a staged shoot. Candid moments shine through his documentary style, while quick yet stunning photoshoots keep the magic alive.

Beyond visuals, Andy crafts an immersive journey, capturing fleeting emotions and genuine laughter. Unveil emotions, freeze memories—Andy transforms wedding days into timeless tales, painting emotions that resonate.

It’s not just photos; it’s your narrative illuminated.

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Anna Laska Photography 

Anna Laska is a skilled photographer who understands the dynamics and emotions involved in weddings.

She blends smoothly into the background, ensuring that all memories are as vibrant as the moments themselves. It’s important that your photographer is an invisible observer, ready to capture spontaneous moments between you and your loved ones.

She also loves a touch of elegance with some posed shots that will make you feel like a magazine star! She believes that every person is beautiful and has a special gift for showcasing the best in each person.

Anna’s positivity shines and her energy uplifts your celebration – she’ll chat, dance and mingle with your guests!

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Luke Bennett Photography 

Luke Bennett loves people. “When I photograph you on your wedding day, I really get to know you. I understand what’s important to you and deliver beautiful photographs to make you happy,” says Luke.

On the day, you’ll find Luke having as much fun as you and your guests. He loves chatting with everyone; the more people talk, the more relaxed they are, and this is when real emotions come out, making for fun, beautiful photographs.

Luke Bennett Photography’s mission statement is making people happy by taking beautiful photos. He can’t wait to take yours.

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Esther Chlad Photography 

Committed to capturing moments to last a lifetime for the adventurous and in love, Esther Chlad Photography strives to create your dream wedding gallery.

With candid moments frozen forever, creamy skin tones and a timeless feel, you are guaranteed to be whisked back to your big day and relive every moment of it whenever you open your album.

Esther is not about forcing moments – instead, using a combination of prompts, she helps you create authentic, real-you moments. Bring on the clumsy kisses, piggyback rides and slow dancing to your favourite love song.

You won’t regret booking Esther Chlad Photography!

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Biggar Picture 

Relaxed, modern and documentary photography is what Biggar Picture was built on. Owner Alan loves nothing more than to capture your day as it happens and tell the story of your wedding through snapping all the candid moments and little interactions of all in attendance.

All-inclusive packages mean that the booking, planning and actual day itself are hopefully as stress free as possible. Packages include planning chats, pre-wedding photo shoots and bespoke media as standard.

To Biggar Picture, wedding photography is capturing all the small moments that make your big day.

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Gail Photography 

“I have been photographing weddings all over Scotland since 2001, and to date have been lucky enough to have photographed over 500 couples celebrating their big day,” says Gail, owner and photographer at Gail Photography.

Gail loves stories, and each couple’s wedding day is a fantastic individual story that she has the privilege to be part of. She specialises in natural, documentary-style photography that captures the true essence of each couple’s day.

“I love capturing the natural reactions of everyone preparing and celebrating together through the day,” says Gail, “plus all of those little details that might otherwise go unnoticed.”

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Alison White Photography 

Alison White Photography specialises in fun, natural photography, ensuring you can relax and be yourself while she captures all those genuine tears, smiles and laughter unfolding throughout your wedding day, against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

“After months of planning, your wedding should be a day to celebrate with the love of your life,” says Alison, “and this means I won’t give you ‘perfect’ photos, but instead they will be real and bring back amazing memories.”

Your hair whipping in the wind, looking out across snow-capped mountains; slipping off high heels to sink sore feet into wet sand; your toddler sneaking up for a cuddle mid-ceremony; those real moments that make your day so special.

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Gary James Photography 

Gary James Photography is all about capturing life’s moments in the most authentic and creative way.

Their style beautifully blends classic, candid and contemporary. As a dynamic team, Rachael excels in connecting with couples leading up to their wedding, while Gary ensures everything is perfect on the day.

They are a hybrid photography and videography company, offering excellent value for money.

Clients love how they capture emotions and finer details with finesse. Beyond skill, their relaxed approach shines on couples’ wedding days, putting them at ease and bringing out their best.

This knack for making magic in comfortable moments makes them a top choice for stunning, captivating, and effortlessly natural memories.

Located in North Lanarkshire but willing to travel

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Dougi McMillan Photography 

“I can honestly say that I absolutely love photographing weddings, every couple that I have ever been lucky enough to photograph, is just an honour,” says photographer Dougi McMillan.

He specialises in creative documentary style wedding photography, capturing the atmosphere of your wedding day and your love for each other. Dougi loves meeting amazing people and getting to be part of your incredibly special day.

Whether you are having an intimate garden wedding or an elopement on a mountain top, Dougi is ready with his camera. It’s all about raw emotions, having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit Dougi McMillan’s website | Follow Dougie McMillan on Instagram

Christine McNally Photography 

Christine isn’t just your wedding photographer; she’s your trusted friend throughout the journey.

With a laid-back approach, she specialises in capturing the most cherished moments of your special day while ensuring your comfort and happiness in front of the camera. Think of her as the one who freezes laughter, stolen glances, and heartfelt embraces into timeless frames.

With years of experience, she seamlessly blends into your day, making the photography process easy-going and enjoyable.

She will be by your side, ensuring you feel relaxed, radiant, and beautifully captured in every shot, whilst you also enjoy a memory making day with your family and friends.

Located in Larbert/Falkirk/Stirling but willing to travel

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Holeyn Heritage Photography 

Rebecca at Holeyn Wedding Photography aims to tell your story in an artistic way which reflects you as a couple.

“I love telling stories, I even have a degree in it! I have learnt to listen and respond organically to what’s happening all around me, combining my many years’ experience in the world of theatre and film with my creative eye and technical abilities,” says Rebecca. “This means I am able to capture all the beautiful, candid moments of your special day.”

It’s not just a photograph, it’s a feeling; an emotion; a moment in time that transports you right back to the day you said, ‘We Do!’

Located in Perthshire but will travel across Scotland and beyond

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Eleanor Mackay Photography 

Eleanor Mackay is a photographer from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. She initially worked as a wedding videographer for six years, and fell in love with capturing the love and happiness on a wedding day.

With a burning passion for photography, Eleanor started taking pictures professionally after having her two boys.

Her wedding photography has a natural feel, making couples feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Eleanor loves an adventure, and is happy to travel to you so that she can capture your special day.

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Crieff Photo 

A creative duo in life and in work, husband and wife team Crieff Photo have been photographing weddings across Scotland for over 12 years.

When not working, Brian and Paula enjoy spending time in their idyllic riverside cottage overlooking the mountains with their best boys, Labradors Magnus and Moss.

Their style is natural with an emphasis on light, genuine emotion and capturing those happy moments. They aim to work unobtrusively and with two photographers, all angles are covered.

They pride themselves on the quality of their photography, limiting how many weddings they shoot to ensure everyone gets the best service.

Located between Crieff and Auchterarder, but travel all over the country

Visit Crieff Photo’s website | Follow Crieff Photo on Facebook | Follow Crieff Photo on Instagram 

Fraser Craig Photography 

Capture the beauty of your special day with Glasgow’s premier wedding photographer for introverted couples.

Fraser Craig Photography’s mission is to create a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, allowing your unique connection to shine.

Fraser understands the significance of your wedding day and cherish the special moments shared with your loved ones. His unobtrusive approach ensures that you and your guests feel at ease, enabling him to capture genuine, heartfelt emotions.

With an artful blend of candid and posed shots, he crafts a visual narrative that beautifully encapsulates your love story.

Trust Fraser Craig Photography to transform your quiet moments into timeless, breath taking memories. Your wedding, your way, naturally and authentically.

Located in Glasgow, willing to travel

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Rachel Spence Photography 

“When you’re driving along a road and you shout STOP; your husband thinks there is a problem but in reality, you’ve just spotted an awesome location for a photo session and need to get a quick snap for your little black book of spots to go,” laughs Rachel Spence.

Rachel Spence Photography brings that alternative energy to all her work.

Her goal is to document how your wedding feels, how it smells, how it looks; the photos should take you back to the day and bring all those wedding vibes rolling in, especially things you missed on the day.

Rachel works with a second shooter to make sure she captures everything.

Located in Edinburgh but happy to travel

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Lee Fletcher Photography 

Lee Fletcher Photography specialises in relaxed, natural-style wedding photography with a soft spot for those more romantic images.

He believes in less posing, more genuine reactions and emotions, having fun and enjoying your experience together.

He’s a storyteller who believes that every love story is beautiful.

If you’d rather avoid posey shots, and want images that capture connections and laughter, then Lee Fletcher Photography could be the one for you.

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Duke Studios

Duke Studios are there to capture those special moments on your wedding day, with care and attention paid to the final product.

Sean Bell Photography 

Sean Bell Photography loves working on elopements – he has great experience in the art of the wee wedding, and can help couples make their dreams a reality.

Jo + Liam Photography 

Jo + Liam Photography are a duo based in Glasgow, but shoot worldwide. They love capturing the unguarded details of your day.

The Gibsons 

Scott and Chantal are The Gibsons, photographers with 13 years’ experience. They specialise in a bright, airy, relaxed style.

Samantha Clyne Photography 

An Aberdeenshire-based photographer, Samantha Clyne aims to create a relaxed atmosphere on your day, making you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Willow & Wilde 

Based in Moffat, Willow & Wilde‘s style is romantic and ethereal, creating beautiful imagery in the most story-telling way.

Craig & Eva Sanders 

Fine art photographers based in Scotland, Craig & Eva Sanders offer timeless, stylish images that make the most of the natural light.

Meggy Mac Photography

A destination and elopement photographer, Meggy Mac Photography loves capturing beautiful love stories, describing her style as warm and chilled!

Ross Alexander Photography 

Ross Alexander Photography firmly believes that your wedding day shouldn’t be one long photo session; he prefers to keep things simple and go with the flow in the background.

Tandem Photo 

Audrey and David are the duo behind Tandem Photo, based out of Glasgow. They have an unobtrusive, relaxed and natural style.

Emma Lawson Photography 

Journalistic photography with no awkward posing is how Emma Lawson Photography describes her style. She loves capturing all those tiny details that make the day special.

David Grant Simpson Photography 

David Grant Simpson Photography is based in Glasgow, but will happily travel. Couples who choose David will love his fun, creative approach.

Dearly Photography 

David at Dearly Photography, based in Glasgow, is an authentic Scottish photographer for modern romantics! He can dispel any awkwardness with his laid-back approach.

Lewis MacMichael Photography 

Lewis MacMichael Photography‘s alternative approach is perfect for couples who think outside the box. He’ll capture your day the way it happens, capturing authentic moments.

McGylnn Sisters 

Lauren and Katy are the McGlynn Sisters, a pair who focus on capturing those super-relaxed, joyful moments of your special day.

Del and Jayjay

Del and Jayjay are an award-winning duo who offer a photography and videography package, covering everything from micro to destination weddings.

Claire Fleck Photography 

Claire Fleck is based in Edinburgh, but travels across the country documenting the beauty and joy of a wedding, which she calls a privilege.

Laura A Tiliman Photography 

Laura A Tiliman Photography loves photographing weddings, and especially enjoys getting to know the couples and what makes them tick.

Wonderful and Strange 

Married couple Martyna and David make up Wonderful and Strange, who combine their love of documentary photography with storytelling at weddings.

Neil Thomas Douglas 

Extraordinary wedding photography for awesome people is Neil Thomas Douglas‘s tagline. He’s a well-travelled photographer who welcomes celebrations of all sizes.

Eve Conroy Photography 

Eve Conroy Photography doesn’t really offer packages. She wants to find out all about your big day and give you a tailored plan that best fits your needs.

Lauren Stirling 

Lauren Stirling wants to create lasting memories of your wedding day with colourful wedding photography for adventurous couples!

Rachel and Tonie 

If you’re looking for non-traditional wedding photography, then Rachel and Tonie could be the photographers for you! They avoid cheesy cliches and capture authenticity.

Mark Pacura

Based in Scotland but working worldwide, Mark Pacura is a storytelling who will cover your special day from start to finish, capturing precious moments in a natural way.

Mairi Tiffoney Photography 

Ever since shooting her first wedding over eight years ago, Mairi Tiffoney Photography knew that this was her calling. She prides herself on helping your day to run smoothly.

Danielle Stewart Photography 

Danielle Stewart Photography: visual storyteller for the wildly in love. Danielle loves all weddings, from elopements to big parties, and offers a range of packages.

Julieanne Whyte Photography

It’s all about the positive energy, and Julieanne Whyte brings that in spades to your wedding day. She specialises in natural, real wedding photography.

Christie Johnston Photography 

Over nine years of experience has led Christie Johnstone Photography to her dream job, capturing dream days!

Cara Frew Photography 

Ayrshire wedding photographer Cara Frew is passionate about capturing love in a natural, relaxed way.

Good Luck Wolf

Want some cool images of your wedding without all the nonsense? Check out Good Luck Wolf, alternative wedding photographers based in Glasgow.

Hemera Visuals Photography 

Dumfries wedding photographers Hemera Visuals Photography invite enquiries from chilled, fun couples who want a natural, modern storytelling style of photograph.

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