Authentic, personal wedding photography is a priority for the team at Fern Photography.

Stephanie + Kari

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“We are all differently weird, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Fern Photography, who are based all around Scotland, truly believe that in order to capture your wedding perfectly, they should get to know you personally.

“We’re proud to celebrate individuality and difference, and we promote authenticity in the work we create. The foundation of our work is people, and we always put our couples (and their unique stories) first.”

Imogen + Gavin

The team at Fern —Matt, Dan, Romina and Sinéad—believe that everyone deserves the right to celebrate their relationships exactly as they are, and they’ll always photograph that experience with love, respect and understanding; no matter how you choose to do it or who you choose to do it with!

After all, these pictures will be your lifelong document of such an important day. Fern feels passionately that they should reflect your love exactly.

Michaela + Sam

“Memories shape and define us as individuals. A photograph has that power to transport us into our own past and that is why it’s so important to photograph a wedding authentically.”

If joyful, colourful, personal and real photos are what you’re after for your special day, then look no further than the Fern Photography collective.

Alice + Julien

You can visit the Fern Photography website and reach them through their contact form.

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Check out this gorgeous sunny farm wedding in Lanarkshire captured by Fern Photography.

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