Looking to get your glow on? If you’re approaching your big day and you’ve got skincare worries, let us introduce you to the team at 33Dowanhill who will create the perfect treatment suited to you and your skincare needs

Interiors at 33Dowanhill

Left: When you enter 33Dowanhill you’ll be met by your facialist who will talk you through your treatment options Right: Loved something a lot? You’ve the chance to take it home at the end of your treatment!

I’ve had more wine and olives in the past fortnight than Samantha Jones had in the entire 94 episodes of Sex and the City. I’ve recently moved to a new pad and between hanging picture frames, I’ve been playing host to my darling friends almost every evening which has left me looking – as Cheryl said in the L’Oreal ad – weak, limp and lifeless.

So, when the lovely Joanna, the brains behind the iconic 33Dowanhill based in Glasgow’s west end, invited me in for a signature facial treatment, my pores, if they had arms, would have wrapped themselves around her in a state of complete and utter thanks and gratitude at finally getting some TLC.

I wouldn’t say I’m a total skincare guru, but equally am not a soap and water and hope for the best kinda gal either. I knew fine well that my skincare routine fallen by the wayside the past few weeks as I built dining tables and fought with broadband providers to get wifi, so told all to Joanna as we sat in her gorgeous consultation area.

Reader, I was met with no judgement. Joanna says the business prides itself on “facials being entirely bespoke for each individual who walks through the doors”, so no skincare worry, problem or in my case, utter neglect, is anything that the team can’t deal with.

33Dowanhill are unique in their approach: they aren’t affiliated with any brand, meaning they are able to handpick and personally test skincare items, so you know you’re going to see proper good results. The carefully selected edit is thanks to Joanna’s in-depth training and experience: a passion project to a full career change was the birth story of the studio, and seven years on that passion is not dwindling.

Interiors of 33Dowanhill and Joanna, the brains behind the clinic

Left: The place has a cool and calm vibe, perfect if you’re looking for some relaxation Right: Joanna has been in the business for almost eight years, so you’re in very safe hands

After a chat about what I was hoping to gain from my treatment (some moisture, please), Joanna invited me into the treatment room which was a beautiful oasis complete with a heated bed and cosy vibe. If I wasn’t so engrossed in both the skincare tips and just general top LOLs from Joanna, I’d have quite happily drifted off to sleep…

First up was a bright light to analyse my skin and the diagnosis was not surprising…it was a bit dry. From there, Joanna was able to carefully curate a cocktail of products and treatments (serums, balms, oils…you name it) that would set about giving my skin some much needed glow, plumpness and hydration. Every signature facial treatment includes pressure point work, lymphatic drainage, a stress-busting chest and shoulder massage as well as skincare suggestions and tips.

If you are a bride-to-be, you’ll also want to familiarise yourself with the 33Dowanhill bridal packages. The different options include a nine-month programme where brides can receive a signature facial each month, perfect if you’re looking to iron out any skincare concerns or worries in advance of saying ‘I do’. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time where you forget to take time for yourself – so self-care in the name of weddings with actual results? The dream.

I left my treatment feeling like a new woman: as I was driving home I had to refrain from taking my hand off the wheel to just feel how silky smooth and moisturised my skin felt.

I have three takeaways from my appointment. One – skincare is DEFINITELY something you should take seriously: I’m already starting a Monzo round-up pot to treat myself to another treatment sometime in the near future (half for the actual skincare experience and half just for the hour of iconic chat with Joanna).

Two – Joanna and the team give me ‘no BS’ energy – they won’t sell you something or use something because they’re tied to it, they will genuinely curate and create the perfect concoction to suit you and your skincare needs. And three – I definitely need to reintroduce liquids with no percentage into my glass going forth to maintain my newfound glow.

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