Looking for a way to relax and unwind before, during or after planning your big day? Booking an appointment at the new Lush spa in Glasgow, opening Friday March 1, is a sure-fire way to be transported from wedding stresses to the wonderful comforts of the Scottish Highlands

Left: Revel in the relaxing decor of the new spa, a stunning escape right in the centre of Glasgow Right: Your treatment finishes with a delightfully delicious Scottish tea infused with heather, rounding off the treatment beautifully

Does anyone else feel like they have been going at 100 miles per hour since Christmas? I’ve not got the excuse of planning a wedding (only writing about them), but I can honestly say I feel as though I have blinked and suddenly we are mere weeks away from Aries season.

So, when I was invited along to try a stunning new treatment at the beautifully designed Lush spa in Glasgow, I happily accepted quicker than Sophie Ellis-Bextor re-entered the charts after *that* Saltburn scene. The prospect of being able to stop, have a mindful moment and relax for an hour or two was incredibly enticing – and naturally, I was also so looking forward to having a nosy in the new store which now takes the title of the largest in Scotland.

Situated on the top floor of the flagship store, you can make your way through a plethora of colourful bath bombs, shampoo bars and other goodies as you ascend to the sensual spa that feels more like Morocco than the middle of Glasgow city centre. You can take the lift there too, but in doing so you miss the greatest disco ball to ever exist – so my personal recommendation is the stairs.

The cracking oasis of calm on the Glasgow high street instantly provides a feeling of serenity – and that was before I’d even met actual masseur magician, Gemma.

The treatment uses a mixture of hot and cold stones throughout, really encapsulating the Highland experience

I was there to try the new spa treatment, inspired by the Highlands of Scotland: a 60-minute full body hot stone massage – featuring Highlands spring water and stones carved with ancient Scottish symbols – that is choreographed to a soundtrack of Gaelic historical folk songs re-recorded especially for the experience.

It all begins with a Scottish stone consultation using 250 million year old Scottish marble, carved with ancient symbols which correspond to various different states of mind. Once I had made my choices (which could be stones such as ’the river’ to ebb and flow with life’s twists and turns, ‘simplicity’ to help focus on what matters, or ‘the rainbow’ to embrace hope and joy), Gemma spoke me through the choices and what they could mean in relation to me.

The experience really tantalises your five senses: Furze incense scents the treatment room, inspired by the Celtic ritual of ‘saining’, when dry branches are burned to cleanse and protect the environment.

Designed to connect the client to nature, warm stones are applied and worked at pace across the shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet, aided by a solid massage oil bar infused with mugwort – a Scottish-grown ingredient traditionally used medicinally to settle the nervous system (and believe me, if I wasn’t so intent on staying awake to fully appreciate the experience, I’d have happily dozed off).

I’ll admit I was slightly skeptical about the soundtrack at first, any treatments I’ve had elsewhere in the past have been accompanied by either awkward silence or small talk about summer holidays and middle aisle of Aldi finds. Lush say that the experience ‘takes clients on a journey across this magical landscape, beginning in the heather surrounded by nature and birdsong, with the soundtrack and massage movements becoming more rhythmic and vigorous as if hiking up a mountain, until reaching the peak with a burst of fresh air’, and I adored it.

It was a real treat – Gemma used cool stones applied gently to pressure points on my face, which perfectly contrasted the hot stones that were being used elsewhere on the body. As someone who probably has the worst sinuses in the west of Scotland, between the treatment and the scents being used, I feel like I was able to breathe more deeply than I had in years.

Left: I’m left to enjoy my Scottish tea in the stunning surroundings of the spa, the perfect place to chill before heading back out to the real word Right: The stone and drinking cup are made of the same material, whilst the massage bar provides the perfect scent for the treatment

The hot stones are made from natural basalt (commonly found in river beds) and are used to massage the whole body from head to toe. I’ve never actually experienced a full body massage before, but now I feel as though I have been cheated for the nearly 26-years I’ve been on this earth.

Past Amy has rolled her eyes as people have told me they’ve either felt like they are floating after a treatment, or they’ve had a genuine emotional response as they leave. But reader, I’m angry at myself in the past for being both judgemental and so naive. As I got dressed and tried to make myself look presentable for re-entering the street of shoppers, I felt as though I could’ve cried tears of actual real happiness at how euphoric I felt.

Post-treatment called for a cup of specially brewed Scottish tea infused with heather, a mugful of comfort that rounded off the experience like a hug from your granny.

Speaking to Gemma and spa manager Jordan as I sip my tea, it’s clear to see that the team are extremely passionate about the services they offer and products they use, which completely comes across in the experience. To know someone is genuinely enjoying what they do makes the delivery of it all that bit sweeter and shines through from the second you cross the threshold.

After saying my goodbyes I walked (floated) back to the train station, before heading home to have possibly one of the greatest nights of sleep I have had in years.

I undoubtedly dreamt of the Scottish highlands and absolutely subliminally manifested my return to the Lush spa at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Highlands (60 minutes, £150) launches exclusively at the brand new Lush Spa Glasgow City and Lush Spa Edinburgh on 1st March 2024, before launching in all Lush Spas nationwide in autumn 2024. 

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