The (other) leading lady

Four MOBs tell Sarah Gillespie how they tracked down the perfect outfit

Caroline Mitchell

Blushing bride Laura with her proud mum
Blushing bride Laura with her proud mum

Starting off Caroline found her stunning silver outfit in the first shop she visited: East Kilbride’s Lady G.

The search “I didn’t start shopping for my outfit until four months before the wedding,” confesses Caroline. “I was forever trying to lose weight – but I did keep an eye on Lady G’s window display and website for roughly two months before that.”

Decision-making “I panicked before I went shopping, terrified I wouldn’t find anything to suit me, but I needn’t have worried. On the day of the wedding I received so many compliments, and looking back I’m still really pleased with my outfit.” She’d tried it on in two different colours, beige and silver, before choosing the silver dress, which complemented the bridesmaid gowns beautifully.

The boutique The team at Lady G really impressed Caroline: “The customer service was so good that I went back in with my sister-in-law to get her outfit. The shoes that matched my outfit were high, but I didn’t want to wear a heel, and they had some great recommendations for where to go for matching flats.”

Words of wisdom “All I’ll say to other mums is to be open-minded, and try the whole outfit on together – the accessories really make the outfit. And don’t be pushed into buying anything you’re not 100% sure about!”
Lady G, 01355 263558,

Kim McNeil

ADD*acp (76)Starting off Frox of Falkirk were more than happy to help Kim find her long silver three-piece.

The search “I didn’t have a budget in mind when I started looking,” Kim confesses. “My search took about four months and I found my dream outfit about a year before the wedding.”

Decision-making The outfit Kim opted for was made to measure and fit her brief of a full-length silver outfit perfectly. “I did splash out when I found my outfit – but since I only have one daughter, I didn’t mind!”

The boutique Kim was blown away by her experience at Frox of Falkirk: “I cannot praise Fiona and her staff enough. They really do go out of their way to be as helpful and supportive as possible, even going as far as coming to the Lochgreen House Hotel to assist me and my daughter, mother and husband with getting ready for the big day. It was first-class service.”

Words of wisdom “Don’t be afraid to start your search early! I believe that you shouldn’t be too set on knowing exactly what you want, as I personally thought I wanted a dress, but when I tried them on I felt none of them suited me. In the end I bought a three-piece outfit and I absolutely loved it.”

Frox of Falkirk, 01324 611350,

Elaine Edmond

Elaine and her daughter Lauren on the big day
Elaine and her daughter Lauren on the big day

Starting off Elaine found an outfit by Spanish occasionwear design house Oronovias at Kudos Couture in Edinburgh.

The search “The wedding was in October, so I started to look for my outfit in January, giving me plenty of time to find something perfect,” explains Elaine. The shopping trip was planned with military precision, with Elaine visiting an impressive six occasionwear boutiques in a single day. “I had found the same outfit in a shop further out, but I really wanted to source it nearer home as the outfit was made to measure so would require a few visits. I did some research and discovered that Kudos Couture carried Oronovias occasionwear in its Edinburgh branch.”

Decision-making “I’m not very keen on colour, so I knew my outfit would be gold or silver,” confides Elaine. “When the mother of the groom asked, I gave her my blessing to get her outfit before me as long as she didn’t wear these metallic tones.”

The boutique Elaine lost a whopping three stone before the big day, and was really pleased with the service at Kudos Couture: “The team were fantastic as I was continually losing weight, and they never made me feel bad, even though they were putting in so much extra effort altering my outfit additional times.”

Words of wisdom “Stay true to your own style,” says Elaine. “You still want to feel like you, but on a great day. I had my outfit made to my specifications, so I did splash out, but it was such a special day and I wanted to ensure no one else would be wearing the same thing.”
Kudos Couture, 0131 447 8800,

Mags Parsons-Fenwick catwalk_kats-103

Starting off Catwalk had just the dress, hat, shoes and bag for Mags to wear to her daughter Kate’s big day at Harburn House last May.

The search Relaxed mum Mags started looking about eight weeks before the wedding, but had kept her eyes open when shopping for Kate’s gown and the bridesmaid dresses. “I had no idea what I wanted, except that I fancied a really big hat. I changed my mind about this when Becky at Rhoddy Stewart Photography pointed out that my face would be half-hidden as I’m quite short.”

Decision-making “We visited Catwalk in Falkirk, and my daughters picked out six outfits. I tried them on and chose one. The whole process took about an hour.” There’s only one thing Mags would have changed: “I forgot to wear my shapewear when trying outfits on, and then realised afterwards that I wouldn’t be able to wear it on the day as the straps would show.” Mags’s outfit worked out less expensive than she had anticipated because she opted for a gorgeous dress, rather than the often more costly three-piece outfit.

The boutique “The ladies at Catwalk helped me in and out of outfits, and when I’d chosen my dress they helped me pick a hat, shoes and bag which matched perfectly. It was great fun, and my daughters and I went for lunch afterwards. It was an amazing day!”

Words of wisdom “Relax and enjoy it! Your daughter getting married is a very happy experience.”
Catwalk, 01324 636343,