This Glasgow wedding was ready to rock with Buckfast favours for guests

Nikki & Ramsay

21st July 2019

Venue | Òran Mór, Glasgow
Photography | Kirsty Brown Photography


“When we got engaged Ramsay didn’t ask my dad’s permission, and I love that he didn’t. He knows I was never anyone’s property and he knows even when we’re married I’m not his – he recognises marriage as a joining of two people, not a transfer of deeds or property.

Our wedding venue was such an easy choice. We booked Òran Mór without going for a viewing. It is so stunning inside and out, and already beautiful without having to decorate. That area of Glasgow is also without a doubt the most gorgeous and characteristic there is.

Having to choose day and night guests was agonising, so we didn’t. And I’m so glad we had everyone to celebrate with us all day. There was no dress code either – I couldn’t have cared if any of my guests wore white, wear a damn wedding dress for all I cared! We just wanted to throw a huge party to celebrate the start of our married life.

We styled our day to be entirely timeless. We wanted to be able to look back on it on 50 years and not cringe at trends that have long since died! Red roses were a huge part of the day, I know they’re soo cliché, but they are my favourite. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with classic.

We put lots of our own personality into the day – everything from our DJ playing nu-metal and Scooter, to the mini bottles of Buckfast party favours.

My favourite detail was our handfasting cord. We used our dog’s lead, and it makes us so happy that the cord that bound us in line with Scottish tradition will always be the thing that kept our dog by our side. Also, we decided to forego the table wine you always get at weddings and give everyone two drinks tokens each for the bar. I think that was a hit, everyone got a few drinks on us and it was what they wanted rather than what was there.”

Top tip: “Don’t be afraid to do exactly what you want. Don’t pander to your guests, and go against what you want to please others. And don’t worry about finding things to entertain your guests – I see so many brides doing things like putting board games at the table – they’re there to see you get married, not play Kerplunk.”

Bride’s dress Wed2B
Bride’s necklace Tarina Tarantino
Bridesmaids’ dresses
JJ’s House
Flowersgirl’s dress
Slater Menswear
Maureen Kettle from Humanist Society Scotland
Cake Designer Cakes by Paige
The bride made the bouquets from silk roses
Stationery Clare Forrest Illustration
Wedding sign
Signs by Jennie
Venue decor
Make Believe Events
TnT Photobooth
Cameo Bridal Styling
Clarise Linden Makeup