Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own nuptials or just want to relive these sweet on screen moments, here are some of the most memorable fictional weddings from TV shows and films

From watching a couple’s relationship develop over several seasons leading up to their wedding day, or enjoying the camaraderie of the wedding party on the big day in a rom-com, there are a lot of laughs to be had (and tears to be shed) watching these characters say ‘I do’.

These on-screen weddings are normally never simple: with last minute disasters and nothing going to plan. But that doesn’t stop the couple from making the day special.

With so many films and TV shows featuring or revolving around a wedding, it’s hard to choose the best. But here are some that have really stuck with us.

Monica and Chandler – Friends

With best friend Joey as the officiant, fans were thrilled to see Monica and Chandler tie the knot after a dramatic proposal episode followed by lot of planning and scrapbooking.

The bride wore a beautiful, simple House of Bianchi dress and their day was of course filled with the perfect mix of heartfelt and funny moments, oh, and a pregnancy announcement for a touch of drama.

Lillian and Doug – Bridesmaids

Okay, so this one is more about the lead up to the wedding and gave us the very memorable bridal shop/food poisoning scene, as well as a whole lot of friendship drama.

But the wedding day turns out to be beautiful, with the main characters reconciling their friendship, a ceremony that takes place on water, and a performance from Wilson Phillips!


Charlotte and Harry – Sex and the City

In her second marriage, Charlotte married her divorce lawyer Harry, and while the wedding didn’t go as smoothly this time around, it’s still our fave.

The bride wore a lace-trim dress by Badgley Mischka, which ended up having red wine spilled on it! Despite this and a few other wedding day disasters, this was the start of a happy marriage.

Charlene and Scott -Neighbours

Ramsay Street sweethearts Charlene and Scott, played by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, tied the knot in 1987. The episode had two million viewers when it aired in Australia and a further 20 million people watching when it aired in the UK.

While this is an older episode and the style of everything is very 80s, it’s still got to be one of the most famous weddings of all time. And mullets are back in now anyway…

Maria and Captain von Trapp – The Sound Of Music

An even older choice is The Sound Of Music from 1965. But the stunning church backdrop, and Maria looking beautiful as a bride (not to mention the supportive and accommodating nuns) make it memorable. The grandeur of her walking into the church and up the aisle, with the long train and veil flowing behind her was an amazing scene.

Donna and Sam – Mamma Mia!

While we were all so caught up in the ‘inviting your three potential dads to your wedding’ plot of the film playing out, Sam was on his own mission to win back Donna.

They had a record time from proposal to wedding, taking the place of Sophie and Sky on their wedding day, and making use of the lovely church venue. As Sam said at the time: “Why waste a good wedding?”.

I mean, after that long climb up the hill someone had to say ‘I do’ (I do, I do, I do, I do, I dooooooo).

David and Patrick- Schitt’s Creek

In this sweet same-sex wedding between David and Patrick, there wasn’t a bride – but that didn’t mean that no one wore white. David’s sister Alexis chose to wear a wedding dress, while his mother and officiant wore an outfit inspired by the Pope.

Oh, and the grooms both sang Mariah Carey’s ‘Always Be My Baby’. Truly a unique day, and the perfect send-off for the show.

Toula and Ian – My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Cultures collide in this hilarious noughties wedding film, and although Toula and Ian have a few hurdles to overcome to make it to the wedding day, actually looks like a lot of fun when it arrives!

The bridesmaid dresses might be questionable, but the ceremony was romantic and the reception had shots, dancing, laughing and shouts of “opa!”, what more could you want?

Cam and Mitch – Modern Family

The iconic pair finally tied the knot in the fifth season of Modern Family in a beautiful ceremony. The family were involved in the day, with Jay and Gloria walking Mitch down the aisle, Phil officiating the ceremony and Claire giving a sweet and funny speech.

Jim and Pam – The Office

From friends to husband and wife, we were rooting for Jim and Pam from the beginning. Their wedding day at Niagara Falls doesn’t start the way they hope, but they manage to steal a romantic moment alone on The Maid of the Mist boat, getting officially married by the captain.

Jane and Kevin – 27 Dresses

After seeing that Jane is “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” we were thrilled to watch her finally find love and get her moment in the spotlight.

Their beach wedding was beautiful; her 28th dress was stunning, she got her moment with the groom looking at her as she walked down the aisle, and the huge line of the mismatched bridesmaid dresses made the scene!

Liv and Daniel, Emma and Fletcher/Nate – Bride Wars

Two best friends planning their wedding together, what could go wrong? A lot, as it would happen. The lead up to their big days was just as entertaining as the weddings themselves – both happening at the same time in the same venue!

There was sabotage up until the last minute, with both ceremonies being ruined. But thankfully, both Emma and Liv get their happily ever after, even if it wasn’t the way they expected.

Colin and Araminta – Crazy Rich Asians

The whole wedding scene from Crazy Rich Asians was jaw-dropping. The decor, outfits, beautiful singing, flowers, lighting and the aisle transforming into a river all were very extravagant and stunning choices.

And of course, the looks between Nick and Rachel melt our hearts!

Gavin and Stacey – Gavin and Stacey

It doesn’t take long for Gavin and Stacey’s relationship to blossom and for the pair to get married. With several funny moments throughout the episode, tension between the best man and maid of honour, as well as touching speeches from Gavin and Smithy, as sitcoms go, this was a great wedding!

Jenna and Matty – 13 Going on 30

We all love a character getting a second chance, and this one results in one of the sweetest wedding scenes in movie history! After rooting for the pair throughout the film, the childhood sweethearts tie the knot in a sweet montage that includes them kissing under a confetti shower and moving into their dream house.

Queen Clarisse and Joe –  The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Obviously we were excited to see who Mia would marry in the Princess Diaries sequel, but we were just as thrilled to see Queen Clarissa and Joe get together at the end. In a sweet turn of events, Queen Clarisse proposes to Joe at Mia’s wedding, and they are the ones to get married.

And let’s be honest, we all wanted a turn at mattress surfing after watching the sleepover hen do.

Hugo and Alice – Vicar of Dibley

In a hilarious ceremony – which includes Hula Hoops as makeshift wedding rings – Hugo and Alice tied the knot. There’s only an objection from someone at the wrong wedding, a fainting bride, the missing rings and confusion over the vows for vicar Geraldine to navigate during the ceremony.

Tim and Mary – About Time

We love a little bit of wedding day chaos that is overcome in the name of love. Fully embracing the stormy weather, windswept photos, and collapsed marquee, the guests and newlyweds have the best attitude and laugh off all of the mishaps.

Plus, Mary looked incredible in her red wedding dress.

Bridget and Mark – Bridget Jones’s Baby

After all they’d been through together, we were so pleased to see Bridget and Mark finally tie the knot. Watching how happy she is in the final scenes, at her wedding with her baby and husband is the perfect conclusion to the film series.

Annie and Bryan – Father of the Bride

Who says you can’t wear trainers to your wedding or host it at your house? This sweet film focuses on the father of the bride, George, accepting his future son-in-law and the fact that his daughter is all grown up.

The ceremony decor is incredible, and George’s inner monologue adds an extra emotional touch to the scene.

Stanford and Anthony – Sex and the City 2

When a wedding has a men’s choir in fine voice, Carrie Bradshaw and beau Big in his-and-her tuxedos and decor so extravagant it looks as though it has been borrowed from the Gianni Versace mansion, you know it could only belong to a couple too chic for words. Could it get any better? Well, add in Liza Minnelli — as the rabbi no less – and you’ve got enemies-to-lovers Anthony and Stanford’s big NYC bash.

The soundtrack to the wedding is still on Spotify, FYI.

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