Raise a glass to portable drinks bar Tipple in a TukTuk

Tipple in a tuktuk
Enjoy a fizz or beer as you celebrate the first moments of married life

With all our experience, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that we reckon we’ve cracked the secret to a successful wedding – top tunes, sensational scran, and, of course, a generous offering of booze. If you need to tick the latter off your w-day to-do list, hit up Tipple in a TukTuk, a new venture that puts the ‘mobile’ in mobile bar.

Vehicle Juniper is compact enough to fit into most spaces both indoors and outdoors, and for £595 you’ll be entitled to a full set-up and staff, one keg (or 160 flutes) of bubbles, a soft drink station and glassware. There’s also the option to include a ‘tart up your tipple’ station, with a range of gin liqueurs and fresh fruit garnishes. Get ready for some seriously Insta-worthy drinks. 

Tipple in a tuktuk
Pimp your prosecco with garnishes, or jazz up a cocktail with some liqueurs

The tuk tuk has two taps available, with bubbles on one and beer a popular choice for the second. Plus, owner Samantha can even look into sourcing a couple’s favourite brew (so that’ll be a Tennent’s all round?). If cocktails are more your game, you could even opt to have your favourite mix on tap – that could be a mojito, pornstar martini, Aperol spritz, pink-gin fizz or whatever takes your fancy.

We’re already salivating at the prospect of a crisp G&T, but if you simply can’t wait until the big day then you’ll be happy to hear that you can hire Juniper to host a private Scottish gin tasting for your hen do. Cute, resourceful and versatile – is there anything this tuk tuk can’t do?

For more information about hiring Tipple in a TukTuk, visit its website or check out its page on Facebook.