Bespoke wedding rings Scotland: real couples share how they did it

Your wedding rings are for life – so you really have to like them! In the first of a four part series, Patricia-Ann Young hears from a couple who couldn’t find what they wanted, so went bespoke to get it

Emily Scott and Ben Sharp married at Loch Ness Country House Hotel, Inverness, and had their rings created by ATB Jewellery

a bride and groom pose for an couple portrait outside
Photo: Andy Taylor Photography

“Heather at ATB Jewellery made our platinum wedding rings,” says Emily. “My engage­ment ring has an unusual setting, with the diamond sitting lower in its clasp than solitaires typically do. The band itself is thin, but with a flat edge, meaning standard wedding rings did not match its style or proportions.

“After several in-person consultations, Heather carefully measured and imprinted its design, creating a bespoke band of identical style and fit. It has a custom wishbone kink that gently hugs the contours of the diamond, perfectly complementing the engagement ring. She also spoke to Ben at great length and was able to recommend and design a wedding band for him that was comfortable, practical and just his style. She helped him find what he was looking for, when he himself wasn’t sure what that was!

a man holds a ring box; a diamond engagement ring
Photos: Andy Taylor Photography

“Having a wedding band that perfectly fits against my engagement ring is so special – a matching set allows for easier everyday wear as well as symbolically feeling that things in your life fit together. In addition to this, we had specific structural needs for our lifestyles that standard rings couldn’t provide. During our in-person consultations, Heather was able to suggest ideas that would suit our style, tastes and needs, before bringing them to life perfectly.

“Picking up our rings was an overwhelming experience – a landmark moment in our planning as we saw all our efforts to that point come to fruition. It was also a powerful reminder of why we were getting married. Creating things together by combining our ideas, passions and personalities is what we wanted for our marriage, and these rings represented exactly that – we can do and overcome anything, together.”